Locksmith Tools for Beginners

Useful Locksmith tools for beginners

  1. A useful tool for locksmithing is an End cap removal tool. This helps in taking off the end cap for a lot of deadbolts.
  2. Another useful tool when starting out as a locksmith is called a follower. The follower helps you pull a lock apart when re-keying it. HPC has a set of four followers, which will work with around 95% of the locks you will encounter.
  3. Next on the list is a pin kit. All of the major manufactures offer pin kits, but when all you need when starting out is a Lab pin kit. Lab offers 005 and 003 pin kits. You can re-key at least 90% of all the commercial and residential locks you’ll encounter.
  4. Every locksmith needs locksmithing tweezers. The the end of the tweezers are grooved, which makes them useful for tasks such as picking up pins. They are very handy to have when re-keying locks.
  5. A Kwikset Cylinder Removal Tool is a must have when re-keying Kwikset locks.
  6. Another is the Key Gauge. All the major manufacturers have their own Key Gauges. Pro Lock makes a handy Key Gauge that includes four of the most common locks you’ll run into, Weslock, Weiser, Schlage, and Kwikset. Key Gauges help you re-key locks when you don’t know the combination.
  7. Shims help you take a lock apart when you don’t have the key, and using shims is way easier than picking a lock.
  8. A simple pick set. A diamond pick, rake, and hook pick are the three most common picks. One flexible tension wrench and one rigid tension wrench. After working with the two types of tension wrench, you will know which works best for you.
  9. Lab mat, use for re-keying.

Check out this video from Mr. Locksmith for more information: